Oven Cleaning FAQs


March 25th, 2020

What is a single oven?

Is a BIG question and one that can cause confusion when people make a booking. A single oven is a standard 60 cm width oven that has ONE cooking section. If your oven has more than one cooking section then it is either; a double oven - this is a standard size oven that also has a separate grill/smaller oven section. This type of appliance costs £68 a range style cooker - the cost for these depends on the width and what manufacturer it is. Costs for all cooke ...

Want to make a booking or looking for some more info?

Office hours: Monday > Friday 9am - 2pm - Please contact us via email on weekends, bank holidays and out of the above hrs.
You can contact us by phoning 0203 539 6033 or click this email link info@surreyovencleaning.co.uk

Looking to make a booking?

If you're looking to make a booking please let us know what type of oven you have and where you're located.
Please provide your mobile number too as sometimes it is quicker to text you back.

Many thanks, the SOC team